In the topic talk warehouse

with Monika Hufe.

When the humming of the truck engines penetrates from the audible proximity and through the door, then we are in the small parts warehouse, Monika Hufe’s workplace. She supplies the assembly workstations with order-related installation articles.

With a current total of around 650 articles for our customers’ system products and operational equipment, this is at least as challenging a task as it is demanding. Mrs. Hufe of course sees this calmly and regards the daily struggle for order and discipline as a wonderful incentive for interdepartmental cooperation – sometimes with emphasis and always with understanding.

With years of professional experience in warehousing, her sophisticated delivery system ensures an almost smooth assembly process – the times when we at MENSCHIK had to find our things ourselves have long been forgotten.

Monika Hufe has been an absolute team player for years, on whom we can fully rely every day. Thank you!

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