In the Topic talk Modelling

with Christian Granitza.

Building complex models for the series – what could be more exciting? Christian Granitza accompanies the entire production process of the model stages for our customers with noticeable dedication and the personal wish to have done a good job again.

Especially in the phase of model development, the human striving for perfection finds a very concrete application. Here at MENSCHIK, we combine the knowledge and experience of our long-standing employees with the thirst for innovation brought along by new personnel.

Each series can only be as good as the tool that goes with it, which is why there must be a constant dialogue between the respective actors from the first customer meeting to production. Not everything that a model maker finds ingenious has to please a machine operator right away, for example. Where well over 50 years of know-how has accumulated, it is absolutely essential to coordinate so that the result is successful. Christian Granitza is extremely concerned with cleverly moderating this process.

He will be with us for two years in autumn 2019 and with his transparent and target-oriented manner he already bears great responsibility for success in model making. We at MENSCHIK think this is great and look forward to continued good energy in the team through Christian Granitza.

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