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with Daniel Goldstrass.

On board since May 2018, Daniel Goldstrass is one of the first to complete the trainee program at MENSCHIK.

A longer departmental stop has occurred in sales and in the detailed preparation of offers. Here he synchronizes customer wishes with the production processes, calculates competitive unit prices and can sometimes be found with the stopwatch on one of our six thermoforming machines for new articles.

At MENSCHIK, as Mr. Goldstraß has recognized, we take responsibility for every process step and for what we do. This demands performance and makes us satisfied when processes work really well.

A particular concern for him is our Europe-wide voting ballot box business. With an estimated 8,000 units produced, packaged and transported to the polling station in 2019, this is anything but his in-house hobby. It is precisely for this reason that Daniel Goldstraß is motivated to launch our new online shop.

The old platform is okay, but the enormous demand for MENSCHIK voting ballot boxes is rather a case for a more process-oriented shop system with a better user experience.

For us, the great qualities of Mr. Goldstraß lie clearly in the analysis and optimization – he is an important sales controller for us, who fortunately keeps an eye on both the detail and the human factor.

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