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Plastic is often a good alternative – from a product-specific and economic point of view sometimes even without alternatives. This was already the case in 1961, the year MENSCHIK was founded, and this will not change fundamentally in 2019 either.

What has changed massively in the course of the company’s history, however, are tools, process variants and, of course, the applied know-how of our performance teams. Today we at MENSCHIK see ourselves as a system supplier and comprehensive success partner for complex tasks – cross-sector and quality-oriented.

Topic talk purchasing
In the topic talk purchasing with Dennis Widera. As a great proponent of Lean Management, Dennis Widera oversees our strategic purchasing and has been closely involved in production planning since
Topic talk Modelling
In the Topic talk Modelling with Christian Granitza. Building complex models for the series – what could be more exciting? Christian Granitza accompanies the entire production process of the model
topic talk warehouse
In the topic talk warehouse with Monika Hufe. When the humming of the truck engines penetrates from the audible proximity and through the door, then we are in the small


We at MENSCHIK are 96 people. What connects us every day is the knowledge that we are 100 percent dependent on each other if we want to achieve good results. And that’s what we want. Absolutely!

And for us, community is much more than the certainty of being in the middle of the supplier chain. Plastic processing itself is costly enough. It helps to cultivate and experience good cooperation – during shifts and often after work.


Without passion no high performance, and without diligence no price? We at MENSCHIK do not think in phrases. We commit ourselves every day in the pursuit of perfection – for our customers and for ourselves.

It is important to us to achieve our sales targets. Because money is the lifeline of every company. But we at MENSCHIK want and need more. We are always looking for new ways to become even better. That is what drives us, and that is what defines us.

Claire Menschik
Managing Director until 1995