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Every day in the pursuit of perfection.

Without passion no high performance, and without diligence no price? We at MENSCHIK do not think in phrases. We commit ourselves every day in the pursuit of perfection – for our customers and for ourselves.

It is important to us to achieve our sales targets. Because money is the lifeline of every company. But we at MENSCHIK want and need more. We are always looking for new ways to become even better. That is what drives us, and that is what defines us.

The history of MENSCHIK GmbH & Co. KG began, by the way, like many other successful companies, in a garage. In 1961 the trained heating engineer Peter Menschik recognized the possibilities of deep drawing technology and saw his professional future in this type of this type of vacuum plastic processing plastics processing.

With self-built systems – two of which are still in operation today – he produced the first parts for his customers – supported by his wife Claire, who ran the office. Business was good and the garage quickly became too small to handle all orders.

The company initially moved to the dance hall of a restaurant in Bechen, and as early as 1967 the company founder acquired the property at its present location in Lindlar. The first hall was built and the company developed step by step.

At the same time, Peter Menschik had made his hobby his second source of income. He maintained a carpenter’s workshop for rural antiques and experience gastronomy equipment. The number of employees also increased over time. Initially one employee became five, then ten, and in the mid-1980s around 20 men and women were employed in the company. In 1984 Peter Menschik died at the age of 59 and his wife Claire and son Andreas were faced with the decision: to continue or to stop.

“At that time, I had just completed my intermediate diploma and was actually planning in the field of building construction,” remembers Andreas Menschik. In the end, mother and son made the decision to continue the business. In 1989, Andreas Menschik completed his studies with a diploma.

Six years later he took over the company from his mother. At the beginning of the 2000s, the carpentry business was discontinued. “We only wanted to concentrate on our core competence, deep drawing technology,” is how Andreas Menschik explains the decision, which proved to be exactly right: Today an idea and a garage have grown into a healthy company with an annual turnover of more than 10 million euros.

The garage 1961
In Lindlar from 1967
Location Lindlar 2019

Peter Menschik

Managing Director until 1984

Claire Menschik

Managing Director until 1995

Andreas Menschik

Managing Director since 1995