In the topic talk purchasing

with Dennis Widera.

As a great proponent of Lean Management, Dennis Widera oversees our strategic purchasing and has been closely involved in production planning since the 2018 restructuring measures. This is particularly important to Mr Widera. Materials can be procured much better and more economically if you know what it’s all about. And that benefits both production and our customers.

Our customers have highly individual and precise ideas about the result, and so we at MENSCHIK ensure good and consistent quality in all stages and up to the finished product – Mr. Widera lays the foundation for this right at the beginning of the production chain.

It is the constant changes at MENSCHIK that provide a personality hungry for optimisation with the space to develop in order to make visible progress in the pursuit of perfection.

We at MENSCHIK are glad that with Dennis Widera we can inspire a mastermind for us who will not let up even if we cannot see today what tomorrow will bring.

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