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We at MENSCHIK are 96 people.

What connects us every day is the knowledge that we are 100 percent dependent on each other if we want to achieve good results. And that’s what we want. Absolutely!

And for us, community is much more than the certainty of being in the middle of the supplier chain. Vacuum plastic processing itself is costly enough. It helps to cultivate and experience good cooperation – during shifts and often after work.

Participating and shaping at MENSCHIK is super easy.

We give every newcomer the necessary advance praise to be able to join the community from the very first day. Our commercial manager, Gerhard Gran, will be happy to receive your application via, then contact the relevant department and usually get back to you within a few days. Bingo!

We are looking for personalities with potential as well as seasoned professionals in their element.

Professional competence is desirable – a positive basic attitude towards teamwork is twice as important to us. This is also due to the fact that plastic deep-drawing technology requires so much detailed knowledge that we take a lot of time to familiarize ourselves with it anyway.

Speaking of work. Of course, you must also have a certain willingness to perform. Because even if we have robots carry out work in certain process steps, there is still a lot of work left in production that needs to be tackled properly.

Why don’t you do as our team leader Markus Krahne suggests: “Apply and show us what you’re made of!