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with Thomas Bernhardt.

With Thomas Bernhardt we can do wonderful things at MENSCHIK. For example a move of all machines into a hall or a stringent implementation of a Lean Management. Or both, because both processes are necessary in order to realize our vision of a pull production this year – in ongoing operation, of course.

The fact that we were able to hire a clever specialist for this mammoth task is exactly the opposite of chance. Mr Bernhardt was looking for a challenging job in a company with a lot of potential, and we were looking for fundamental change.

MENSCHIK has been around for almost 60 years, and when a successful second generation craft business is about to employ 100 people every month, the question of new ways and new solutions arises. Growth is a great thing, but on the other side of the coin it carries amounts of energy that no longer control and regulate themselves. A phenomenon that fascinates Thomas Bernhardt as much as it does daily.

Since 2018, he has been forming new structures and teams in an analytic continuous drive and promoting movers and shakers and strategists – without losing his instinct for our main concern: striving for perfection! Thomas Bernhardt has brought us another definition of our goals. For him, perfection also means that the customer is enthusiastic about his product when it has left our halls.

We at MENSCHIK say thank you that Mr. Bernhardt keeps his nerves even with a production capacity of well over 100 % and bites away such luxury problems bit by bit.

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