Topic talk purchasing

In the topic talk purchasing

with Dennis Widera.

As a great proponent of Lean Management, Dennis Widera oversees our strategic purchasing and has been closely involved in production planning since the 2018 restructuring measures. This is particularly important to Mr Widera. Materials can be procured much better and more economically if you know what it’s all about. And that benefits both production and our customers.

Our customers have highly individual and precise ideas about the result, and so we at MENSCHIK ensure good and consistent quality in all stages and up to the finished product – Mr. Widera lays the foundation for this right at the beginning of the production chain.

It is the constant changes at MENSCHIK that provide a personality hungry for optimisation with the space to develop in order to make visible progress in the pursuit of perfection.

We at MENSCHIK are glad that with Dennis Widera we can inspire a mastermind for us who will not let up even if we cannot see today what tomorrow will bring.

Topic talk Modelling

In the Topic talk Modelling

with Christian Granitza.

Building complex models for the series – what could be more exciting? Christian Granitza accompanies the entire production process of the model stages for our customers with noticeable dedication and the personal wish to have done a good job again.

Especially in the phase of model development, the human striving for perfection finds a very concrete application. Here at MENSCHIK, we combine the knowledge and experience of our long-standing employees with the thirst for innovation brought along by new personnel.

Each series can only be as good as the tool that goes with it, which is why there must be a constant dialogue between the respective actors from the first customer meeting to production. Not everything that a model maker finds ingenious has to please a machine operator right away, for example. Where well over 50 years of know-how has accumulated, it is absolutely essential to coordinate so that the result is successful. Christian Granitza is extremely concerned with cleverly moderating this process.

He will be with us for two years in autumn 2019 and with his transparent and target-oriented manner he already bears great responsibility for success in model making. We at MENSCHIK think this is great and look forward to continued good energy in the team through Christian Granitza.

topic talk warehouse

In the topic talk warehouse

with Monika Hufe.

When the humming of the truck engines penetrates from the audible proximity and through the door, then we are in the small parts warehouse, Monika Hufe’s workplace. She supplies the assembly workstations with order-related installation articles.

With a current total of around 650 articles for our customers’ system products and operational equipment, this is at least as challenging a task as it is demanding. Mrs. Hufe of course sees this calmly and regards the daily struggle for order and discipline as a wonderful incentive for interdepartmental cooperation – sometimes with emphasis and always with understanding.

With years of professional experience in warehousing, her sophisticated delivery system ensures an almost smooth assembly process – the times when we at MENSCHIK had to find our things ourselves have long been forgotten.

Monika Hufe has been an absolute team player for years, on whom we can fully rely every day. Thank you!

topic talk employees

In the topic talk employees

with Gerhard Gran.

After more than 1,000 interviews, Gerhard Gran has long come to the conclusion that knowledge of human nature is a good thing, but that the probationary period model is the real moment of truth.

Working with us at MENSCHIK can be a lot of fun, but it can also quickly make it clear that even the simplest of moves only seem so simple because the corresponding hands and heads have been around for a super long time. In the first few weeks, patience and the willingness to tackle the subject seriously are needed on both sides.

The good news is also that here at MENSCHIK you can learn almost everything you need to produce, process and assemble almost perfect plastic parts. Mr. Gran joyfully opens the door to the company for every suitable application, ensures an open discussion atmosphere and always promotes an honest view of the abilities and potentials he has brought along. In any case, he is a real giver of opportunities, for whom the right attitude counts above all. If this is true, we at MENSCHIK are enthusiastic about you.

The fact that Gerhard Gran has been with the company for almost 20 years speaks volumes and for itself. We at MENSCHIK say thank you not only because he has hired most of us, but also because he has spent a large part of his professional life here with us and as a key figure delivers everything you could wish for in a commercial management. Great.

topic talk distribution

In the topic talk distribution

with Daniel Goldstrass.

On board since May 2018, Daniel Goldstrass is one of the first to complete the trainee program at MENSCHIK.

A longer departmental stop has occurred in sales and in the detailed preparation of offers. Here he synchronizes customer wishes with the production processes, calculates competitive unit prices and can sometimes be found with the stopwatch on one of our six thermoforming machines for new articles.

At MENSCHIK, as Mr. Goldstraß has recognized, we take responsibility for every process step and for what we do. This demands performance and makes us satisfied when processes work really well.

A particular concern for him is our Europe-wide voting ballot box business. With an estimated 8,000 units produced, packaged and transported to the polling station in 2019, this is anything but his in-house hobby. It is precisely for this reason that Daniel Goldstraß is motivated to launch our new online shop.

The old platform is okay, but the enormous demand for MENSCHIK voting ballot boxes is rather a case for a more process-oriented shop system with a better user experience.

For us, the great qualities of Mr. Goldstraß lie clearly in the analysis and optimization – he is an important sales controller for us, who fortunately keeps an eye on both the detail and the human factor.

topic talk production

In the topic talk production

with Thomas Bernhardt.

With Thomas Bernhardt we can do wonderful things at MENSCHIK. For example a move of all machines into a hall or a stringent implementation of a Lean Management. Or both, because both processes are necessary in order to realize our vision of a pull production this year – in ongoing operation, of course.

The fact that we were able to hire a clever specialist for this mammoth task is exactly the opposite of chance. Mr Bernhardt was looking for a challenging job in a company with a lot of potential, and we were looking for fundamental change.

MENSCHIK has been around for almost 60 years, and when a successful second generation craft business is about to employ 100 people every month, the question of new ways and new solutions arises. Growth is a great thing, but on the other side of the coin it carries amounts of energy that no longer control and regulate themselves. A phenomenon that fascinates Thomas Bernhardt as much as it does daily.

Since 2018, he has been forming new structures and teams in an analytic continuous drive and promoting movers and shakers and strategists – without losing his instinct for our main concern: striving for perfection! Thomas Bernhardt has brought us another definition of our goals. For him, perfection also means that the customer is enthusiastic about his product when it has left our halls.

We at MENSCHIK say thank you that Mr. Bernhardt keeps his nerves even with a production capacity of well over 100 % and bites away such luxury problems bit by bit.